Lutheran Church Of The Cross

66 West Duarte Road


The Lutheran Church is the first product of the Reformation Movement launched by Martin Luther. That’s why the Lutherans are the first Protestant Christians. Luther’s main contribution to Christian History is Christ alone, Grace alone, and Bible alone. We are the followers of this great theological and church traditions. Our church was established in the year of 1938 and then relocated to this campus in the year of 1962. We are a part of the Acts of the Holy Spirit and long Christian tradition. We are continuity of God’s great salvation work in this world. We all are called to uphold biblical truth and obey the Word of God.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of reaching out and spreading the Gospel of Salvation and Eternal Life. Through Jesus to others in our community. A mission of fellowship to bring new people in our loving church family, and give them a sense of belonging, and restoring hope in their lives. A mission to grow a multicultural church community that reflects diversity in race, age, and families. A mission of discipleship, by bringing people to spiritual maturity through sound Biblical preaching. Bible studies are in both English and Chinese. We also have small group study, and seminars.


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Monday, April 2, 2018