Madison Art Cinemas

761 Boston Post Road

About :

The Madison Theatre opened in 1912 originally as a single screen theatre. Hoyts Theatres (the Australian based chain) purchased the theatre from its local owner-operator. They twinned the theatre in 1977. At some point in the buildings history, it served as a meeting hall and gymnasium as well. Beneath the sloped wooden floor (painted in Brazilian green) is a basketball court. Upon entering the theatre, the processional is sloped rising to its high point at the concession stand and ancillary box office.

The colors of the Madison Art Cinemas are distinctive. The basic color scheme is aquamarine, antique gold and a kind of Chinese type red that Sherwin Williams called Ming Red. The shading of the walls and celing in the processional begin with lighter shades ultimately darkening in 7 gradual steps. The left wall starts with a slightly burnt yellow and darken in 7 steps to a cross between terracotta and pumpkin. The left wall has 7 backlit poster frames ascending in proportion to the slope of the floor. Each poster frame is framed by a different color with white sprocket holes painted in the border to give the appearance that each poster is a single film frame. The right wall starts with a natural flagstone and then changes abruptly to a brick wall painted in pumpkin.