Madison Junior School

160 Main Street

MJS is a major transition in both your and your child's lives. During these two years, you can rest assured that the faculty and staff are committed to your children, our students. Our aim is to develop life-long learners who are informed, responsible and productive young citizens. We do this by providing challenging and diverse programs that reflect high expectations of a caring environment. Opportunities abound to learn effectively, to think critically, and to participate wholeheartedly both in the classroom and in clubs and sports.

This is also an exciting time for the Madison School District. I think it is especially exciting for MJS! Our new website is part of this excitement. Any opportunity for me to communicate with you more effectively is most welcomed. The administration and faculty will continue to fully utilize this tool as we progress up the learning curve.

In addition to our website, our school construction project will enable us to expand the Junior School academic and social successes to our 6th graders. I will continue to keep you apprised of this project as we begin this endeavor.


Rainbow Puppy

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
This is one of the best middle schools in Madison New Jersey to ever go to. The teachers are great and they is enough homework (not to much nor to little.) Also this school is a great environment for children to go to learn.

Yanyan Li

Sunday, May 27, 2018
In general, I think MJS is an awful environment to be in. I cannot use my 7th grade year as an excuse to say that MJS is amazing. I am very lucky to have the best few teachers in the school. And, that my most miserable year (my 6th grade year) came right before it. Most of the teachers at MJS only care about a student’s education, and not a student’s environment. There are many introverted students at MJS that are struggling to fit in and have a very hard time at this school. Teachers fail to pay attention to making students feel included, which is a big problem. I have seen many examples of this in this school, and I think the advisory program is not enough to face social issues at school. And MJS, based on what I hear from my peers, most people don't really pay attention or care about advisory, and what they teach is usually ignored. MJS needs to have something more motivational than advisory that can draw the attention of students. The How We Roll program is not a successful solution as well. Simply one kind act does not define who a person is. Instead of awarding students with gift cards, there should be a similar system to Students of the Month where students are inspected during lunch (or other times of the day) for how they treat other students, and a few students are selected once a month or once every two months. There are very nice people at MJS (a lot of them), and this problem should not be blamed on them. The people I am friends and classmates with should not be accused of the problem, but instead everyone should be educated to be aware of the problem. In 6th grade I was looking for private schools because I hated MJS so much. Now, I would have never done that. It is the one or two teachers that make a difference. This year, my teachers have been very supportive. For example, this year's Teacher of the Year. This was a very good decision made by MJS, and there should be more teachers like Miss Hatzie at this school that care about their students and don't just expect a lot from them without understanding. I could write an entire essay about one teacher but it would be too long. The first step to success is to recognize those teachers who should act as role models for others. And Miss Hatzie isn't the only teacher to learn from. There are other teachers like Mr. Newbery, Mrs. McPeek, Mrs. Ferris (even though she's a substitute), and many others that actually care about their students. These are the teachers that the school should learn from. Because it's not all about academics. Because they were the difference (along with many students) that made me change my mind about ditching MJS to go to a private school.

Brendan Coen

Monday, May 21, 2018
I am in 7th grade and have loved the teachers and fellow classmates. They make me feel welcome(most of them) and are the best friends anyone can ask for. The school, even with the flaws, gives students a great educational environment that is mostly fun for both the teachers and students. The 7th grade teachers are the best! From Ms. Hatzie you learn math, Mr Newbery you learn Social Studies, From Mrs Toto you learn reading and writing, and from Mrs Zabel you learn science. The guidance counselors are great and are very helpful(Mrs Marotta and Mrs Siso). The principle (Doctor Caruso) is very nice. The 6th grade teachers are also very amazing and great. I have also gotten the amazing privilege of meeting the the TEAM A teachers of the 6th and 7th grade as well as meeting some of the 8th grade teachers. MJS is nice place for students to go to have a safe learning environment. Not only that, but as you progress through 6th, 7th, and 8th grade you go on field trips like the MET. Also in 8th grade you get to choose you electives(cycle classes) from a variety of classes such as drawing and painting, international sports, robotics, and Istem8(soon to be called steam). The lunch here isn't bad, but could be better. Once a month you get things like omelets or pound cake or ice cream. You also have the privilege of learning languages. You can select Italian, French, SPanish, or Mandarin, or you don't have to take a language. You can also choose musical options. Band, Chorus, and Orchestra. You also get amazing clubs such as Madison Makers or Yearbook. There are also musicals and plays. In the past there has been, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Snow White, Bugsy Malone, and Superheroes unite! As well as Mary Poppins. All in All MJS is a great school and you should go to it. Also this is a great place to have fun, hang with friends, and meet new ones. Also Slamwich is across the street for food after school.

Charlotte Preston

Thursday, April 5, 2018
they give too much homework that make the student too stressed. but other than that the students are great

Jacob Jordan

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018
It's a nice school. I enjoy learning here and it has a positive environment. All the teachers are great. Great place to learn :)