Magenta Theater Company

1108 Main Street


Magenta Theater Company (MTC) is a family-friendly community theater in Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is already home to a number of theaters, why the need for another?

It all started with a director's quest to find relevant contemporary material for local artists to perform. "Something to make people laugh, yet with enough substance to make people think."  There were ample materials on the market, but finding pieces that matched the personality and interests of the director, her actors, and the community proved to be a little more difficult.  The director set about writing a full-length comedy play dealing with issues facing families in modern times. When the play was almost finished, the question of "Where to perform?" reared its head. From that rearing came the idea to start a theater company.

Magenta was born.

Magenta is committed to promoting contemporary new works by local playwrights and musicians in addition to known comedies and mysteries.  The company is founded on artistic excellence with all productions reflecting the cast and crew's commitment to give 100% of their talents and energies.

Volunteers play a huge part in Magenta's success.  Besides the obvious need for actors, an extensive behind-the-scenes crew is required for each show.  Opportunities are available in the following areas: assistant director, stage management, stagehands, lights and sound technicians, makeup, costumes, props, set design, set construction, house management, ushering, concessions, publicity and clean-up crew.  You pay no fee to be a part of Magenta Theater!

We are here to entertain you and bring a little light into your lives!

Mission Statement

Founded in 2002, Magenta Theater enriches the Vancouver/Portland area with Mainstage Productions, Special Events and Theater Education.

Magenta exists to create community one stage at a time.

We Value Integrity & Quality.  We Respect Faith & Family.


Mel Peterman

Sunday, May 20, 2018
This little theater company puts on some fantastic plays, they have concerts, black chair projects,, acting lessons, and much more. The intimate venue puts the audience very close to the action. Not a bad seat in the house. They also sell beer, wine, and snacks. It is a wonderful gem, in downtown Vancouver.

Bill Gatzke

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Great theater. Plays are professional level. Seats are fine but don't lift up so it is difficult for people in the middle of the row to get to their seats. But that doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the play. Have a good assortment of productions.

Ava Anderson

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018
I saw "Jeeves Intervenes" here and absolutely loved it! I was really impressed by the production values-the sets were fantastic and the costumes were gorgeous. The show was very entertaining, with a solid cast boasting a few standouts. What a great community theater! I'm looking forward to checking out future productions.

John Miller

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Magenta had opening night tonight for Emma: A Pop Musical. The cast was strong and fantastic. Great job to everyone involved!

Mary Mitchell

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018
Magenta has a much needed new theater- very nice. Even the higher up seats have a good view of the stage. Play was excellent!

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