Magnolia High School

2450 West Ball Road

Mission Statement:

Magnolia High School's mission, in partnership with the home and its richly diverse community, is to educate students and to assist them in realizing their full potential as responsible, productive, contributing members of society by providing an educational environment in which students are challenged, excellence is expected and differences are valued.


Jesus Ugalde

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
I love this school its so nice it has a beutiful campus, awsome staff, and everything anyone would ever want from a high school. Also great clubs and activities. Food is okay. Although I wish they would add more sports like archery or other sports, but overall love this school. LET'S GO SENTINELS LET'S GO!

Lizzy Liz

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018
The staff there don't seem to care about the students safety. I called their office and told them a few students were J walking and even 2 kids almost got ran over, but the lady who answered said that the kids are not the schools responsibility once they're of school grounds. So basically who is in charge of the kids or who takes reasonability if anything happened to these students because of the students actions or decisions to cross like if their parents didn't teach them how to cross?

Angel Arias

Monday, Sep. 11, 2017
The best school i ever attended but i left all the great memories there . -Beaner

gameer pug

Monday, March 5, 2018
I was in the bathroom jacking off and I heard some one coming in

Michael Kinses

Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016
Many great memories from 64 and before it's just sad now that were older and the people we cared a lot about are now gone. On a happier note there's still a lot of us left and I wish everyone well have a lot of happiness and comfort and their latter years take care of yourselves! I think it's about time that we had some major lottery winners from Magnolia I'll tell you if I win I will spread the joy❗️ Sincerely, Michael