Mahwah Township Public Schools

60 Ridge Road

The Mission of the Mahwah Public Schools is to meet the varied needs of our culturally and economically diverse student population so that each student is provided with the opportunity to maximize their educational and career potential.

In order to do this, the Mahwah Public Schools are committed to providing a comprehensive educational program at all levels, from pre-K through grade 12, in safe and high quality facilities by well trained and dedicated administrators, teachers and support staff.

All students will be provided the necessary tools to become free, critical thinkers and problem solvers who make intelligent evaluations and choices for themselves, their community, society and planet. In order to assist in the accomplishment of the district's Mission, students will be prepared to:

Accept responsibility for their own actions.

Understand and interact in a positive and creative manner with social, economic and technological change.

Enjoy and participate in a lifetime of continuous learning.