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Mapleside Farms

Mapleside Farms
294 Pearl Rd

About Us:

Mapleside Farms is a 122-acre fully functioning apple orchard located in Brunswick, OH. Mapleside Farms has long been a destination for families and friends to get together to breathe in fresh country air, jump on a hayride, enjoy delicious homegrown produce or piping hot home baked pies, and watch amazing sunsets over the beautiful Northeast Ohio countryside. It’s the kind of place where children who once came to Mapleside with their grandparents now bring their own grandchildren to share in the same traditions. The farm experience is so important to us here at Mapleside Farms, we go to great lengths to make it something that you and your family will be talking about for a long time. We’ve planted 600 new apple trees over the past 18 months in our quest to get the orchard back to its full capacity. Over the next 5 years, we will have 8,000-10,000 trees! We’ve also added new fruits and vegetables, taking full advantage of the valley’s fertile clay loam soil. Each fall, we host thousands of students who visit from all over Northeast Ohio on field trips. Students take tours of the apple orchards and production areas as they learn how apples are grown and how the trees are maintained for optimum production. We also teach them about pumpkins, the importance of bees, local farming, and the history of Mapleside Farms. In the coming year, we will be increasing our educational programs so we are able to teach even more children where their food really comes from.