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Maplewood Community Coalition on Race

516 Prospect Street

We are neighbors who love our towns. The Community Coalition is a private nonprofit organization with a diverse membership of individuals who live and/or work in Maplewood/South Orange coming together to sustain our towns as communities of choice for all. We envision a community that is truly inclusive and racially integrated – free of segregation in housing patterns and community involvement.

We believe that:
All people are worthy of respect and have the right to live free of the restraints of a segregated society.
Integrated and diverse communities are preferable to segregated ones.
A robust demand for housing by persons of all races creates economic stability and community growth.
The civic and organizational life of the community should reflect the diversity and talents of its residents.

Our Goals
Prospective buyers of all races are shown available homes and are welcomed in every part of the two towns. All neighborhoods are racially integrated, and there is a trend toward integration in surrounding communities as well.
People of all races enjoy the benefits of participation in civil life and all community organizations encourage participation from under-represented groups.
Interaction and participation in everyday activities reflect the racial mix of the community.
The school district is stably integrated overall, within academic levels, and schools. Students of all races are expected and encouraged to excel in a community that is proud and supportive of its students.
The leadership of civic, governmental, business, community and interfaith organizations is racially inclusive and values integration in policies, practices, programs and partnerships.