Marcellus Library

205 East Main Street

The Marcellus Township Wood Memorial Library serves as the center for lifetime learning and enjoyment in order to improve the quality of life for all citizens.  It does this by providing resources that enhance and contribute to knowledge, enlightenment, cultural and recreational needs.

In the middle 1890's the women of the village of Marcellus formed the Ladies Library and anyone could belong by paying one dollar a year membership. Their books were at one time kept in the Flander's Jewelry Store on Main Street and for another period of time in the Alexander home.
After some years the ladies donated their books to Marcellus Township for a Public Library. The books were moved to the east room of the Marcellus News building which was rented for the purpose.
During World War I, a young man, Russell Wood lost his life and he left $7,000 in his will to Marcellus village for a Memorial Library. The village raised $3,000 and the site that the library stands on was chosen. The Russell A. Wood Library was completed in 1924.
The Township owns the books and the building belongs to the Village, so the township leased the building for a term of 99 years for the sum of $1 a year.