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Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department


The Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department has a primary job of providing FIRE, RESCUE and EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES to those who call 911, we also provide education and information to the public, scouting groups, school groups, and those requesting tours and information.  We provide free Blood Pressure Checks as requested.  Our department has Volunteer Opportunities for the following CADETS ages 12 to 15 - cadets are provided with free equipment and participate with the department in all activities, and are provided free fire and rescue training but do not respond to actual emergencies.   ADMINISTRATIVE - are members who are age 16 and over, administrative members provide support to the deppartment in a non emergency capacity by managing fund raising, hall rentals, computer support, and participate in parades and conventions, banquets, and other activities of the Department.  EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS (ONLY) - are those 16 years of age and older who after a background check and physical can take Emergency Medical Technician Training then respond on the ambulance to EMS Emergencies and provide EMS Support on the fire ground, and do not participate in firefighting.  FIREFIGHTER / EMT's - are those 16 years of age and older who after a background check and physical are able to take fire and EMS Training and respond to all emergencies fire and EMS.  Our company responds with a Basic Life Support Ambulance, Engine Company, Tower Ladder, Heavy Rescue Squad and Brush Truck.  There are opportunities for both emergency Personnel and Administrative members to advance, and benefits to all those who participate with the volunteers.