Marley Glen School

200 Scott Avenue

Marley Glen is a public separate day school located in Glen Burnie, Maryland in Anne Arundel County. Our school provides a comprehensive half-day pre-school program for students with and without disabilities and a full day program for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Marley Glen is also the home of the Child Identification Team.

Students receive classroom instruction and services based on their Individual Educational Plans. Special services are available such as: Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Vision and Hearing Itinerant serves and Counseling/Behavioral Development as appropriate.

Students are able to participate in special areas such as Physical Education, Art, Music, Media, Technology, and Aquatics. Older students participate in jobs within the school as well as in the community.

We have a committed group of PTO members at Marley Glen. We welcome parent involvement and can provide links to resources you may need as well as a supportive group of parents.