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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

10 Park Plaza, Suite 3910

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority provides more than a million trips on its bus, train, boat and para-transit network. The T enables people to commute to work, travel to appointments, reach shopping destinations and simply traverse the Boston metropolitan area. Not to mention, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority provides all of this at an affordable cost. I should know - I commute on the T nearly every day.

The core of our efforts is quality customer service, which the T is primarily addressing with a hands-on approach. Changes brought about by the new Charlie Card system will free employees from booths to bring them onto the platforms to serve customers directly and personally. This is just one way we hope to improve your riding experience.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employees are a dedicated team of individuals committed to delivering quality service to all of our customers. I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the T's Board of Directors, and I look forward to addressing the challenges ahead.