Matthew Henson Middle School

3535 Livingston Road

The Matthew Henson Middle School Philosophy centers on the student. The middle school years are a special time in the early stages of adolescence. They have a great variety of physical, social, emotional and academic needs which the school, the home, and the community must endeavor to meet. Charles County offers a well-balanced middle school program by emphasizing basic skills and by providing opportunities to explore new, enriching, and challenging areas. At Matthew Henson Middle School, the child is the focal point of all effort. To develop his/her best intellectual potential is our mission.

Matthew A. Henson Middle School was named in honor of Matthew Alexander Henson, who was co-discoverer of the North Pole and the first person in recorded history to set foot on the North Pole. He was born in Nanjemoy, Charles County, Maryland, on August 8, 1866.

Henson served on expeditions with Admiral Robert E. Peary as his personal attendant and dogsled driver. Henson was the only American who accompanied Perry when the explorers reached the North Pole in 1909. Before his death in 1955 in New York City, Henson wrote A NEGRO EXPLORER AT THE NORTH POLE and lectured widely around the country.

On April 8, 1962, the State of Maryland in Henson's honor placed a plaque and monument on the ground of Pomonkey Junior-Senior High School, now Matthew A. Henson Middle School. It was not until 1969, however, that the school's name was changed to Matthew Henson Middle School. This event occurred simultaneosly with the conversion of the school from high school to middle school. Before the changeover, the building served as an integrated junior-senior high school from 1966 to 1968 and from 1958 to 1966 was one of the two junior-senior high schools serving the black population of Charles County.

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