McBee Dairy Farm

4317 Strong Road

McBee Dairy Farm
one share equlas one gallon of raw milk, or 1/2 pound of butter, or 1 quart of yogurt a week. We also offer other items individualy, beef, eggs, chicken, pork.

McBee Dairy Farm is a family operated farm in Knoxville Tennessee. We take great pride in caring for our small Brown Swiss heard that you own. We have been milking since 2004 (approved & inspected by the state) but we downsized in 2009 so we can take better care of the land, cows, and consumers. We are officially boarding cows.

Your cows are pasture fed 365 days a year. Your milk is hormone and antibiotic free. I say your because you own the cows. Twenty people can share one cow! We just take care of them. Thus allowing you access to great tasting farm fresh raw milk, butter, yogurt and beef.Our son John has a nice little heard of goats, that are open for milk shares also.We also have pastured poultry, fresh eggs and milk fed pork.

CSA Details:
-Season:January through February
-Type:Single farm
-No of Shares:200
-Full Share:$370/year, 52 weeks
-1/2 Share:$185/half a year, 26 weeks
-Work Req?:No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Delivery area, Members pick up thier shares from 4 to 4:30
-Contact:Marcie McBee
-Address:6113 Chapman Highway,Knoxville, TN 37920

Cedar Bluff Shopping Center  (Tue Fri)
Delivery area. Members pick up their shares here from 4 to 4:30
-Contact:Marcie McBee

McBee Dairy Farm
Call for pick-up locations
-Contact:Marcie McBee
-Address:4317 Strong Road,Mascot, TN 37806