MDBillables & Practice Management

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MDBillables & Practice Management is a full medical practice management firm dedicated to assisting medical and dental practices in achieving greater efficiency while reducing costs. MDBillables provides a transparent outsource billing services; free access to our leading medical software MedOffice, and 9 additional services ranging from: Transparent Billing; to EHT/EMR; Credentialing; Revenue Cycle consulting services; Business Intelligence and Analytics; EFT; Transcriptions; Document Management and MD Audit Shield which provides protection so you are always up to date with new or changing regulations from Hippa, Medicare and Medicaid. MDBillables is a customer focused and solution oriented company, specializing in the implementation of medical billing services to resolve current issues with medical coding and billing or work with you to assist in your first steps towards medical billing and reimbursement practices; insurance verification, utilization review, coding and billing, medical claims processing, appeals and denials, collection of receivables, collection of outstanding receivables, laboratory billing services, training and compliance, and much more.