Merion Fire Company of Ardmore

35 Greenfield Ave

The Merion Fire Company of Ardmore is the oldest fire company in the Township of Lower Merion. The fire company was formed in 1890 by local citizens who saw a need for fire protection in the community. The foundation and professionalism that we live with today comes from our founding fathers whose mission we follow every day, “THE PUBLIC GOOD IS OUR ONLY AIM”. 

Within this small area, our neighborhoods are made up of two extremes - tight streets with smaller homes and large estates with mansions. Mixed in the middle of this, we have a railroad with commuter and freight train service. Lining up and down the banks of the railroad are rows of apartment buildings. 

With over 150 apartments and 770 commercial properties, our firefighters train to stay at the top of their profession. We also assist areas that cover Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, Narberth, and Penn Wynne Fire Companys’ first due. We also assist Radnor Fire Company with F.A.S.T team operations. With the challenges we face every day, the Ardmore Fire Company continues to work and train to keep our skills up to the highest level. Our forefathers entrusted this community to us and we will never let them down.


Havard Castiglioni

Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015
Quite an awesome work place. Though might require a high school transcript, it is alright overall