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Metropolitan Community Church of Richmond

2501 Park Avenue

The Richmond LGBT community is helped again and again by Diversity Thrift. One of the ways DT raises money -- lots of it -- for good causes in the LGBT community is by running a weekly bingo game. DT has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the community in this way. But bingo games need quite a few workers in order to succeed.

MCC has agreed to provide staffing for the second Saturday of each month. The commitment is to provide four persons from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. In exchange for providing the staffers, the church receives $10 per hour per volunteer. Potentially, the income to the church general fund could be $400 each month -- that's $4,800 per year for MCC and a big help to Diversity Thrift. Everyone wins! (Hint to those who feel they can't tithe at this time: this is a great way to help the church financially.)

The work is not hard, although most people have to stand up for most of the time (there are breaks), and the bingo players can, on occasion, be demanding and impatient (do not get in the way of someone wanting to win!). But for the most part, there is good team spirit and the players are just ordinary folks out for a good time.

If 20 folks would sign up to do this four times a year, we'd be covered and have a couple of folks to substitute for someone who gets sick at the last minute. Come on folks....this is a great way to help the church and our community at the same time. If you would like to Volunteer please contact Tracee Davis at traceeeis<at>aol<dot>com