Miller Beach Farmers Market

Miller Beach Farmers Market
667 South Lake Street

Season: Summer

Market Hours:

June - August, 2019
Sundays, 11am - 3pm

Location: 667 South Lake Street


The Miller Farmers Market is an extension of the Miller Beach Arts and Creative District. It is a not for profit endeavor that is self sustaining and relies on vendor fees and fund raising to cover expenses. The volunteer staff is unpaid.

In other communities, Farmers Markets are staffed and funded by the Parks and Recreation departments, with support from public services; currently, that is not possible in our community. We rely on volunteer workers and must provide on-site trash removal, sanitation facilities, and landscaping. Additionally, volunteers work on Market Development and Outreach during the week.

It is our hope and intention to see this effort grow and develop into a community space for meeting and greeting on a weekly basis from May through September. We would like to hear cost-neutral ideas for future markets.