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Miller Microcomputer Services

61 Lake Shore Road

In 1977, Dick and Jill and their associates brought mainframe and minicomputer skills to the then-new Radio Shack TRS-80 to bring big-computer power to the office desk. In 1981, they adopted the new IBM Personal Computer, and have continued to support PC-compatible microcomputers ever since.

General and custom MMS solutions have been used worldwide, starting with the MMSFORTH total software environment and MMSFORTH application modules including FORTHCOM, FORTHWRITE, and DATAHANDLER-PLUS. The big brother of DH+ is RapidFile, which many remember fondly as Ashton-Tate's answer to bulky and slow database software. (See the RapidFile front screen for its MMSFORTH licensing information.) And sorry, fans, but we must report that Borland International bought out Ashton-Tate and deep-sixed RapidFile, back when it was still v1.2, vintage 1987. In 1998, Borland became Inprise Corporation (until 2001) and apparently discontinued even the ability to download its old RapidFile patches; our searches there no longer find "RapidFile". MMS can convert old RapidFile applications to MS-Access and other database programs.