Millville Senior High School

200 Wade Boulevard

The mission of Millville Senior High School is to provide a safe, student-centered environment that promotes life-long learning for all students and encourages them to progress intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Our well-trained, dedicated staff is committed to providing all students with relevant and diverse curricular offerings,as well as an extensive co-curricular program. Ongoing professional development activities will enable the staff to challenge students, guiding them to use their minds well and reach their full potential. The school will be a community-based learning center,which encourages participation of and communication with all stakeholders. Review and revision of programs, along with evaluation of progress, will be conducted through our annual needs assessment. Upon graduation from Millville Senior High School, students will contribute to the success of our nation as productive, responsible citizens who are ready to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Organized classes began in 1877 and were held in a building occupying the site of the present Culver Center, which houses our Administration. The first building to be referred to generally as "Millville High School" was erected in 1985 on Second Street. In 1925, a new building, "Memorial High School" was completed at Fifth and Broad Streets and was opened for classes in September of that year.

In September 1964, the building and Fifth and Broad Streets was occupied by Memorial Junior High School, and the Senior High School was established in the present structure. Today, Memorial High School houses all of Millville's 8th graders and all of the district's 9th graders, an enrollment figure of approximately 900 students. The Senior High School contains all 10th, 11th and 12 Grade students from Millville and our sending districts, enrolling approximately 1,400 students. The ideal high school enrollment (9th through 12 grade) approaches 2,300 students.