Miss Dee Dee's Daycare and Preschool

154 West Maple Road,

Miss Dee Dee's Daycare and Preschool has a comprehensive hands on program that teaches infants and young children the essential emotional, social, and intellectual skills which will lead to greater success upon entering kindergarten. 

Miss Dee Dee's philosophy is that "Children should learn all they need through fun, play, and song. Learning should be an adventure!". 

Dee Castilloux, owner and director explains: "It takes a village to raise a child". Therefore it is very important to involve families in this process. We need to allow the parents to know and feel comfortable with the surroundings and caregiver their child is with every day. 

Miss Dee Dee's is a safe and inviting place for your family. The door has a keypad entry with pass-code, given to parents. Parents are welcome anytime of the day. Parent's involvement is always welcome.