Mitchell Bros Tree Farms

Mitchell Bros Tree Farms
1188 Pigeon Hill Road

About mitchell bros tree farms

mitchell bros tree farms is family-owned and operated  mainly wholesale,  evergreen tree farm run and operated,by brothers Byron and eric mitchell in the beautiful hills of potter and tioga counties of Pennsylvania.several miles south of  galeton/ gaines, PA.   the original farm(25 acres )was  purchased in 1901 by our greatgrandparents . in 1950 our father(albert) started planting evergreen trees on the side hills he could not farm .in 1992 we  started to plant most of our lands to evergreens and branched out to our current 330 acres  in 1999 we decided  to expand from our  wholesale Christmas tree business and to start digging live ,balled and burlapped  trees. 

Monday - Sunday: 7 AM - 10 AM