Monnik Beer Company

1036 E Burnett Avenue


Greg Dixon

Monday, July 16, 2018
I was in town for a conference and visited as part of my usual process of seeing as much of the local craft beer scene as I can fit in with my conference duties. We ended up Ubering over at the end of the evening (breweries close early in Louisville) because it was one of the only places still open. We just missed the kitchen cut-off so I can’t confirm or deny how great their food is. What I can confirm is that this was probably my overall favorite place in Louisville out of the six that I visited. Most of them were good, but Monnik had the best overall range of beers and tied at the top in terms of staff. The beers are great. Great enough that I took a bottle of Eagle Skull with me. The whole range of beers that we tried impressed. The bartender was great. He knew the beers very well and was able to talk about them more that can be reasonably expected with a bartender, even one at a brewery. He also gave great advice about other breweries, beer bars, and places to eat. We had a rolling conversation about the difference between what people in the Midwest and South call a West Coast IPA and what an IPA from the West Coast actually tastes like. High entertainment value. I’m just bummed I missed the food. It was mentioned by the folks at almost all of the other breweries. I will just have to come back next time.

Blair Boden

Thursday, July 26, 2018
We often stop at Monnik after bike rides and have always had great experiences. They have a variety of beer styles, the food is awesome, and I would have a beer with any of the people who work there. We always order the spent grain bread with beer cheese. Last time there we ordered pickles and it was pickled watermelon with sea salt. Amazing! Monnik is a well-crafted place.

Mont M

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Nice neighborhood pub. Very eclectic. Menu is limited and it seems you can make a decent meal from the appetizers. The beer selection is limited as compared to some other places but what they have is delicious. The IPA and the English ale were well balanced. The list is in the pictures. They also have beer cocktails which was the first for me. The beer cheese was delicious and fairly large portion for couple of people. Ate most of it. I ordered the pub style chicken curry which was mild, had peas and was served over fries. Little too salty for me but all in all good entree. The fresh herb corn salad was served chilled and is a party in your mouth. Definitely a must try place.

Virginia Weatherman

Friday, June 15, 2018
Awesome German pub with great food that is adventurous and not your normal burger/fires/pizza. The jackfruit veggie burger is killer and best beer cheese and bread I've had in town, and I've had a lot. Outdoor patio is a bit bare but at least an option. They even have mini-growlers at a great price. Always a local go to for me.

Ben Cox

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Good beer. Fries would be awesome if they cooked them a bit longer in my opinion. Cool location and atmosphere.