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The Monona Grove School District is located just outside of Madison, in south central Wisconsin. It serves students and families who reside in the communities of Monona and Cottage Grove, Wisconsin as well as families that choose and are accepted into the Monona Grove School District through the State of Wisconsin's open enrollment process. Regular education is available for children beginning at 4 years old, in the district's Together for Kids 4K program, and through grade 12 or high school graduation.  Special education programs for students with identified disabilities are provided from age 3 through 21.

Board of Education

A seven-member board of education is elected to three-year terms as representatives of the community. Regular board meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The formal Board meeting notices are posted on the District Website, in all school buildings, as well as in the Monona Public Library and the Monona and Cottage Grove municipal buildings.


The Monona Grove School District is a public school district.  It has one primary school, grades 4K-5 in Monona;Two elementary schools (grade 4K-1 and grade 2-4) and one middle school grades 5-8 in Cottage Grove, and one high school, grades 9-12 in Monona.


With over 3,400 students in 2016-2017 school year the school district is proud of the opportunities it offers the community's students: From its music program, that offers strings as young as 4th grade, to its college and career preparation programming, students and families enjoy a rich and robust curriculum in a small city environment, yet close to one of our Nation's major universities- the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the Wisconsin State Capital.  As communities with rich heritages of supporting education, we are proud of the high quality educators, staff and leaders who serve the families of the Monona Grove School District.


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