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More Than Delicious Orchard

More Than Delicious Orchard
9905 Thompson Road

Back in 1981, Mike & Velma Downes began planting pear and apple trees on their property.  It started out as a small hobby for them, and a great way to get their kids, Brian & Emily, doing some chores and farm work.  Over the years, they planted varieties that sounded fun, tasty, or just plain interesting.  The orchard eventually got to the point where there were far more apples than the family could handle.  So, they began to sell the apples on weekends to friends and neighbors off of the picnic table.  If you remember the picnic table, then you are truly one of our oldest customers!  As the trees grew, so did the orchard, and as Mike neared retirement a barn was erected with a cold storage room for keeping the fruit as well as a place to store all of his tools and toys.  Meanwhile, their daughter, Emily, and her husband, Mike, were coming over most weekends to help out with the ever growing crowds.
We are looking forward to this year's season and are working hard so that the apples are what you have come to expect from us!  See you soon!