Mosswood Meadows Golf Course

Mosswood Meadows Golf Course
1315 Lakeview Dr

About Us:

After listening to a group of residents from Hamilton, IL describe how their community built a golf course, ninety-two civic minded Monroe City residents weighed all the options, formed a plan and built a golf course. And they did it without any federal tax money—just hard work, desire, and local money. George Spalding stated that Diemakers would donate the land for the golf course if the community would build the course on top of it. David Gill was hired as architect, and after three years of hard work Mosswood Meadows Golf Course held its grand opening Sunday, July 1, 1984.

Improvements have been made over the following years, and Mosswood Meadows is still the pride of the community. The basic tenants from the original founders are true today.

  • Provide healthful, enjoyable recreation for all age groups.
  • Provide recreation for family outings.
  • Provide local golf facilities for our school system.
  • Attract people from surrounding areas to Monroe City.
  • Be an incentive to attract new industry to Monroe City
  • Be an added advantage to existing industry
  • Create new business for existing merchants.
  • Stimulate civic pride in our community.