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Mountain Fresh Farms

Mountain Fresh Farms
282 Orchard Road

Welcome to Mountain Fresh Farms! We are the source for fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other vegetables grown year-round in our own computer controlled greenhouses. We take a lot of pride in our produce. And we promise you this: we'll grow them naturally and deliver them fresh within hours of being picked. Even in winter!

With vegetables grown by Mountain Fresh Farms, you won't have to worry about rubbery cucumbers or tomatoes with little taste. Because our vegetables are NEVER picked green, gassed or shipped From a great distance. We want you to enjoy that Fresh, "just picked" flavor all year long.  And since we're practically in the neighborhood, we can deliver whatever you need whenever you need it Just give us a call!

Mountain fresh farms is also a large full service choose and cut Christmas tree plantation offering our family customers a fun and traditional tree cutting-experience.

Choose and cut Christmas trees, hydroponically grown tomatoes and other fresh vegetables from Mountain Fresh Farms.