Mountain Home Arts Council

1850 North 3rd East

About :

MHAC was started as a performing arts series in 1977, and has progressed to an arts council so as to include all of the arts: visual, literary and performing. The Arts Council has been involved in the Mountain Home community for  thirty-two years.Some of the programs and services provided by Mountain Home Arts Council include scholarships for local students, acting as a coordinator between community groups and artists, and presenting a series of events that bring professional performers into the community that would not otherwise be available to this area. Mountain Home Arts Council is managed by nine elected officers; one part-time salaried executive director, and over twenty volunteers whom represent the community. "The Hub of Elmore County," Mountain Home is the largest of 5 small farming and ranching towns and a U.S. Air Force Base in a radius of 45 miles. Mountain Home and the immediate area have a population of about 16,000. An additional 5,000 live at the neighboring Mountain Home Air Force Base. The Air Force base is the primary economic factor followed by farms, ranches and family businesses. Over 75% of land in Elmore County is State or Federal property leaving less than 25% taxable for local needs. This is a unique situation to Mountain Home's economy. Providing groups with true artistic merit to the community is rewarding in that it would not be provided by any other source if it were not for the local arts council..