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t's a new day at Nacogdoches Memorial Health! We've grown beyond the walls of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital to offer physician-led and professionally managed care throughout East Texas. We are focused on caring for individuals, from birth through geriatric care, treatment to recovery, and all the expected and unexpected medical needs in between. Nacogdoches Memorial Health is dedicated to promoting lifelong health through community wellness programs with an emphasis on preventative care. Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital will continue to include updated technology, newer facilities and dedicated specialists offering advanced treatment. The goal of Nacogdoches Memorial Health is to provide exceptional healthcare to every generation of every East Texas family.


Keith Hendricks

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Horrible staff. My wife broke a tooth in half that got infected . We were 7 hours from home . We went to the er because she couldn't take the pain. It was on the weekend so no dentist was open. The staff and doctor and nurse practioner were so rude. They told her that she didn't have a broken tooth and weren't prescribing narcotics. My wife asked for antibiotics and had to argue to get that. They said there was no infection yet her face was completely swollen all the way up to her eyes!!! We made it home and Tuesday she saw her dentist that confirmed her tooth was broke in half and she had abscess on the root. She is scheduled to have the tooth removed. The doctor and staff are begging for a lawsuit apparently .

Melaney Carmichael

Sunday, April 1, 2018
I would give 0 stars if it would let me. My daughter went to this hospital while visiting in that area. She told the dr that she was having random sharp shooting pains in her head that would come and go nonstop, and that she needed something to lessen them till she could get back to her home town and see her primary care physician.The dr did not listen to her and gave her a prescription and told her to take it when the pulsing starts. There is no pulsing just random sharp shooting pains that make her dizzy when they do happen. To top it off we can’t even get the prescription filled because there is not one pharmacy in Nacogdoches that is open 24 hours, and she can’t drive when taking the medication because it causes drowsiness to get back to her home town to se her PCP. I should not get a bill for this visit because this dr did NOT listen to my daughter, and she didn’t give her anything to help so it was a waste of time and money for NOTHING to be different than it was before she went to the ER!!! Worst hospital EVER!!!

Christina Rios

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017
I'd like to give them a minus 5 stars. Been here since 10: am.. With broken arm.. It's 2: PM still waiting.

Andrea Alexander

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017
My father-in-law went in last week from symptoms of a stroke. He has yet to receive a diagnosis, and even worse, was sent home with impaired speech, no diagnosis, no therapy, and a doctor that literally stood there with hands in his pockets and offered little to no information. When we went to visit this past Saturday, we walked in to what seemed to be a totally deserted hospital. We had to walk quite some time before seeing seems as though this is a hospital that is on the verge of closing.....and rightfully so. If I were able to post this review with no stars, I would have because it deserves none! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

Rhonda Wischnewsky

Monday, March 5, 2018
The worst hospital ever! Back in October 2017,the staff & doctor was the worst!