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Nanas Farmers Market

Nanas Farmers Market
9701 Highway 75 North

About Us:

We are a family owned business started in the town of Vidalia Georgia where the World Famous Vidalia Sweet Onion grows. Growing up on the farm with many of our products being canned at home over  the years, the focus of the business was to create quality products that looked attractive, tasted great, and also promoted the Vidalia name where quality comes first. We make all our products in small batches using fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy some of our products today. In addition to our  Vidalia Onion products we also have a full array of our other gourmet items. We want to become a company that could offer unique products without compromising the southern flair for good taste. Two of our most popular showcase items are Nana's Vidalia Sweet Onion Relish and Nana's Vidalia Sweet Onion Chow Chow. We also have many other types of relishes, chow chows, dipping sauces, entree companions, grilling/cooking sauces, hot sauces,  dressings, vinagrettes, spreads, seafood sauces, jams, jellies, preserves, honey, syrups, ciders, gift baskets, fresh homegrown vegetables, fruits, several varieties Georgia Grown Pecans shelled, unshelled, raw peanuts, roasted peanuts an Nana's Famous Hot Boiled Peanuts cooked with Vidalia Sweet Onions, also. From humble beginnings, Nana's has grown into a booming business and for carrying different and better products. Nana's will soon stock many sugar free products, and  Gluten Free products.

We have World Famous Vidalia Sweet Onions available from late April until the end of August each year. We have them loose at Nana's Farmers Market and  we also ship anywhere in 48 states of the United States. Our onions are packaged for shipping in 10 lb. bags of Jumbo's and Mediums, 25 lb. Jumbo's an Mediums, and 50 lb. Jumbo's and Mediums. Check out Nana's Canned Goods, Nana's Jams and Jellies and the Nana's Vidalia Onion pages for ordering and pricing.

Our fresh home grown vegetables are delivered daily from the farm to our location. We have vine ripe tomatoes, fresh shelled peas (several varieties), and shelled butter beans (seasonal), pole beans , snap beans, sweet corn, yellow squash, okra, bell peppers, cauliflower, zucchinni squash, cucumbers, all types of potatoes, cabbage, collards, turnips, mustard, carrots, celery, eggplant, lettuce and radishes.

We have fresh strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, tangelos, peaches, (seasonal) Ga. Grown Apples (seasonal), Washington State Apples year around, watermelons, cantaloupes, scuppernongs (seasonal), muscadines (seasonal), blackberries (seasonal) blueberries (seasonal) grapes, pumpkins (seasonal)