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Naperville Lunafest

Naperville Lunafest
1665 Quincy Avenue Suite 131

Our Story. Our Mission.

Luna does not hope for change. We bring it. We are committed to inspiring women, championing change, and demanding that equality be a right, not an option.

This is not something we wish for-we’re doing something about it.

This fierce attitude fueled us to create LunaFest.

Almost two decades ago, we saw that women were painfully underrepresented in film. So in 2001 we created the first all-women traveling film festival. Our first event was a small but hopeful screening in California. Since then, we’ve opened opportunities for more than 150 women filmmakers, putting them in the spotlight. And as Kit Crawford, founder & co-CEO insists, “telling stories that have to be told.’

In addition, each year our unique platform travels to close to 200 cities, raising funds for local women’s causes.

But our work is not yet done. There are still more than twice as many male short-film directors as woman directors.