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National Foundation to End Senior Hunger

1004 Duke Street

Our Beliefs

Mission and vision rest on conviction.

We believe:

that we can reduce hunger

that the tremendous costs of senior hunger far exceed the price of addressing it

that it is our responsibility to lead change

that the issue of senior hunger does not get the attention it deserves and that as a result too many seniors face the indignity that is hunger

that some things are too valuable to waste – like the health and well-being of our seniors and the nutritious food on which both of those depend

that there is a role for everyone in helping us reach that goal

that our country produces enough food to provide proper nutrition for everyone, everyday

that wasted food means wasted money, wasted nutrients…and wasted opportunity and that by reducing food waste we can help reduce senior hunger

that “willful waste makes woeful want” is as true today as it was when it was first spoken in 1576

that by taking the time and providing the educational resources necessary to equip those whose responsibility it is to provide proper care and nourishment to seniors is a core principle of our work.

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