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Nauset Public Schools

78 Eldredge Park Way


Every child matters.

Every child must reach academic proficiency, and grow personally and socially, through meaningful, challenging work.

Our collective charge is to find ways to enable every child to do so.

This will be accomplished by focused professional development, research-based practices (SBE), and professional learning communities.


We exist to educate each student to the highest attainable levels of academic excellence, social responsibility, and cultural awareness.


Our vision is to be an exemplary public school system. That is, the Nauset Schools will continue to set standards of teaching practice at optimum levels of effectiveness.

Nauset's member communities provide the resources necessary to achieve this vision. The Nauset Schools are accountable to those communities for excellent educational practice and student achievement. This partnership requires the commitment of students, parents, and staff in an educational contract which acknowledges concerted efforts by all.