Nella Terra Cellars

Nella Terra Cellars
5005 Sheridan Road

The Beemiller family started Nella Terra Cellars Boutique Winery and Event Center in 2013 as a Benefit Corporation. The unique microclimate of Nella Terra's valley provides an ideal environment for growing high quality California grapes. Our vines are grown with a combination of sustainable and organic practices. On our hillside vineyard, we grow two Vitis Vinifera varietals that are well suited to the cooler days of Sunol; Pinot Noir and Viognier. While these varietals are known for being difficult to grow, they produce rich and complex flavors when artfully fermented into wine. Since our vines are not projected to produce wine making grapes until the fall of 2016, Nella Terra has been seeking out and hand picking the best local fruit and wine from Livermore Valley, Napa Valley, and the California Central Coast.

Nella Terra's hillside vineyard is nestled atop the Sunol grade on the outskirts of Livermore Valley. Our beautiful grounds are truly one of a kind that offer a fantastic backdrop and intimate experience for your special event. Our vibrant green hills in the winter and flourishing vines in the summer are perfect for weddings, corporate events, family picnics, live music and weekend tastings year-round.