Neon Reformed Presbyterian Church

575 Highway 343

We seek by God's grace, to glorify God by bringing the transforming power of the gospel to the Neon community. We believe God can and does change hearts when His word is faithfully preached and His people live lives that adorn the doctrine they profess.

We strive to show that God's word is relevant to all people and all areas of life. Our desire is to conform all of life to God's word by reforming it according to God's word. We pray that as we preach and teach God will transform lives that will transform this community.

An important step in this transformation is the Christian family. One of the primary ways that God grows His church is through godly families. He expects parents, especially fathers, to bring their children up in the training and admonition of the Lord. Therefore, we seek to equip parents to be godly and to instruct their children.