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New Egypt Historical Society

125 Evergreen Road

The New Egypt Historical Society got its start in 1977. The first President was Don Reed, the Vice President was Fritz Davis, Jim Griswold was the Treasurer and Pat Gale, the Secretary. There were only a handful of members at that time and meetings were held in member's homes. Later, the Society used the upstairs room of the Recreation Park building to hold their monthly meetings. Lack of space quickly became a problem as more items were added to the Historical Society's collection!

Around 1998, the Plumsted Board of Education acquired property formerly known as the Singleton Farm to build a new Middle School. The Board had no need of the former residence and sold it to the Township. When the Historical Society learned of this, they informed Mayor Ronald Dancer of their interest in using the homestead as a site for their museum.

After discussion, the Mayor and Township Committee felt that it was a good idea and negotiated a 25 year lease to the Historical Society, to be signed at the Township Committee meeting on January 25, 1999. However, in order to make the lease "legal" a dollar was needed. In attendance at that meeting was a Boy Scout troop, there to observe the committee in action. Scout Robert Maier reached into his pocket and offered his own dollar to cover the lease. Subsequently, the New Egypt Historical Society made Robert a lifetime member in honor of his good deed.

Today the Society has 112 members. The current officers are: Pat Gale, President; Joyce Cimi, Vice President; Cora Taylor, Recording Secretary; Joy Adams, Corresponding Secretary; and Sara Jo Mains, Treasurer.