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Newhouse Center For Contemporary Art

1000 Richmond Terrace

About Us
Founded in 1977, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art is the premier space for modern and contemporary art in Staten Island. Each year, the Newhouse Center presents two or three major exhibitions, five Access Gallery, and three Artist-in- Residence exhibitions. The Newhouse Center creates programs for the growth and development of artists and the public while serving both local, regional and international constituencies in 15,000 square feet of gallery space, outdoor and off-site projects, educational programs, 30 artist studios, and an international residency program. The Newhouse Center accomplishes its mission by:

 - Promoting inquiry and learning through exhibitions and artist projects and related educational and public programs, publications, and interpretive materials;
  - Presenting art in a context which offers new and historical perspectives on contemporary issues to provide a platform for discourse and understanding;
  - Supporting local, regional, national, and international artists through exhibitions, workspace, residencies, professional development opportunities, and commissioning new work;
  - Creating opportunities for artists to engage with other disciplines or have their work seen within the context of other disciplines, while providing innovative forums in which the public interacts with artists and participates in the creative process;
  - Planning and implementing programs in consultation with current and potential constituents with an emphasis on developing new audiences;
  - Fostering collaborations with on-site, regional, national, and international organizations; and
  - Exploring new models for artist/public engagement.


In 1976, New York City purchased Snug Harbor for use as a cultural center, and shortly thereafter a community gallery was founded on the site. The antecedent to the Newhouse Center was opened in 1977 as the Samuel I. and Mitzi E. Newhouse Community Gallery and exhibited a combination of professional and amateur artists. In 1987 the Community Gallery became the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, adjusting its mission to cover contemporary art (post 1945) with a special emphasis on Staten Island and under-recognized artists.

Recent News

Exhibition - Heal the Man in Order to Heal the Land at Newhouse Center

Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land: Artwork by Tattfoo Tan Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land explores how spirituality manifests itself out of the connections between internal experience and the material world. How can we connect with…

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Exhibition - In My Element: Photography by Gail Middleton and Mike Shane

In My Element: Photography by Gail Middleton and Mike Shane In My Element is a combined show of two photographers who are separated in age by several decades but who both gravitate to capturing photos of four basic elements of earth, air, fire,…

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Exhibition - RE and Configurations: Art, Disability, Identity at Newhouse Center For Contemporary Art

RE/Configurations: art, disability, identity is a major exhibition, guest curated by Milenka Berengolc (project originator) and Margaret Chase, that is part of “Artists Undeterred,” a forum for disabled artists who exemplify bold vision…

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Subway Moon At Newhouse Center For Contemporary Art

Subway Moon is an on-going musical/video performing experience that combines the forces of professional jazz musicians and filmmakers with high-school music students from around the world. It is designed to be 1) a public performance series…

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