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Night Terrors Haunted Farm

Night Terrors Haunted Farm
4193 State Highway 7

Visit Night Terrors Haunted Farm on Route 7 in Schoharie, NY to experience a walk-thru corn maze where evil lurks within, waiting to prey on unsuspecting souls. Follow that with a trek through our nightmare realm and a visit to The Hive.

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Night Terrors Haunted Farm Attraction 2023

Attractions: Sleighed: Have you been naughty? Krampus knows you have. Get swallowed up in the shadows of our woods. Where every step brings you closer to your punishment. Krampus has taken over, but he’s not alone. He’s brought some of…

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Night Terrors Haunted Farm Attraction 2022

Attractions: The Hive: Science never learns…there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Buzzzbuzzz, that’s not your phone vibrating, it’s coming from inside the abandoned building. Years ago they conducted off the books…

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