North Branford Zion Episcopal Church

326 Notch Hill Road


The first Vestry meeting of "an Episcopal Society" was held on April 7, 1812. In 1818 the Parish bought a piece of land and the foundations were laid of red sandstone. The Church was consecrated on May 19, 1864. It had taken many years for this little country parish to complete it's building! The Parish size increased and declined along with that of the town, but after World War II, the widening of Route 80 necessitated a dramatic change. On June 11, 1957, the church was lifted onto rollers and moved in festive procession to its present site! The parish hall was completed, chiefly through contributed parish labor, by November of that year. In June ,1997 we proudly celebrated the 40th. anniversary of this milestone. We continue to care for and update this sacred space.