North Jersey Vineyard Chruch

310 Phillips Ave

Our Mission is to continue the ministry of Jesus by attempting to live the way Jesus lived, teach what Jesus taught and do what Jesus did.

Vision is a clear picture of what we see the church being and doing.
Vision is the product of God working in us. He creates the vision and we receive it. It becomes our rallying point; a goal toward which we move as his people.

Vision comes to us as a deep dissatisfaction with what is and a clear grasp of what could be.

These are some of the things God has worked in our hearts and is stretching us to become:
A church in which people profoundly encounter Jesus Christ in the teaching and worship.

A church that is characterized by individual and corporate prayer.

A church where things are so clearly and reasonably articulated that they make sense to a thinking follower of Christ.

A church where the power of God is present to heal people.

A church where ministry is done by every member, not just the pastor.

A church that cares about and actually does something for people outside its own borders - particularly the poor and the needy.

A church that doesn't simply recycle other churches' members but actually brings many people from darkness to light.

A church where people can easily take off religious masks and find real fellowship at the foot of the cross.

A church that provides people with training both for ministry and for life.

A church that loves and actually devotes a large share of it's time, energy and money to serve the needs of children.

A church that is large enough and strong enough to impact the community and to plant other churches both in this country and abroad.

A church whose every endeavor is marked by excellence, integrity and love.