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North Park Church

600 Ingomar Road

North Park Church is a community of Christians with a purpose. We are a real church for real people. We desire to help those who are seeking a relationship with God to find one, and also to help those who are believers in Christ to develop their faith in a way that encourages them and honors God.

"North Park Church exists on order to develop mature believers in Christ, whose lives are being changed"

It may sound like religious jargon, but we believe it honors God and really meets people where they are. What kind of people do we appeal to? People who want change in their lives, change that only God can bring about, a change that is exciting, progressive and fulfilling. If you have it all together in your life and are not seeking any kind of change, we simply are not the kind of church you need. But if you are hungry for change you will fit right in at North Park Church, for we are a real church for real people whose lives are being changed by God.