North Shore Rescue Squad No 1 Incorp

228 Granite Avenue

Some 31 years ago, a small group of Staten Islanders saw and felt a need to help others. They were all somehow involved in medicine, and they decided to start a volunteer organization designed to provide emergency medical care to the people of Staten Island. Thus was born the North Shore Rescue Squad Co. No. 1, Inc. (NSRS) volunteer ambulance service. Now, we are 90+ members strong and growing. Perhaps you have seen us? We are the red, white and blue ambulances you see on the streets of the north shore of the island. We are your neighbors, friends and coworkers. We have regular jobs during the day and perform Rescue Duty at night. We are NYS Certified First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics who respond to 911 emergencies when an ambulance is needed.  We provide first aid,bandage wounds, splint broken bones, immobilize victims of automobile accidents, deliver babies, perform CPR and defibrillation and transport people to the hospital. When you are in need, we are there, and all the work we do is at no cost to you.