North Syracuse Fire Department

109 Chestnut Street

In the winter of 1912-13, the New York State Legislature passed a law, giving unincorporated communities the right to establish districts for the purpose of fire protection.

Soon after the bill became a law, a group of citizens living in the village presented a petition to the Board of Supervisors of Onondaga County, asking that a fire district be established in North Syracuse. The Board of Commissioners purchased two hand drawn chemical fire engines in the fall of 1913. Hubert Fay was made Chief and Smith Soule, Assistant Chief.

The fire apparatus was first kept in a building located across the street from the present Andrews Memorial Church on Church Street. The first fire signal was a large steel tire from a locomotive wheel and a large sledge hammer to hit it with.

The first alarm that the newly organized fire department received, was in the summer of 1914, and was at the home of one of the few people who voted against having a fire department. The roof burned off his home.

In 1921, a barn was purchased from Miss Anna Reed and moved to a lot on Fergerson Avenue. The first motorized fire equipment, which was a Model T Ford Truck, was stored in this new Fire House.

In 1947, the North Syracuse Volunteer Fireman's Association was incorporated under the laws of the state. In 1950, a great event took place in the history of the fire department. After many years of hard campaigning for new quarters to house the valuable fire apparatus and give the men a decent meeting place, the department moved to it's bright new quarters in the old trolley station at the corner of South Bay Road and Church Street, where the North Syracuse Community Center now sits.

In 1983, a new building was built on Chestnut Street. This was the first building in fire department history built solely for fire department use. The previous stations had been used for other purposes before the fire department took over. In 1995, on the old air base a new station was built to cover the east half of the district.
Fire Station 1
109 Chestnut Street
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Phone/fax 315-458-1920

Fire Station 2
70 General Irwin Blvd
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Phone 315-458-0632