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North Way Christian Community

12121 Perry Highway

Our Prupose:

These Biblical purposes are our mission as believers and as an authentic new-testament church.

North Way's Purpose is: To become a vibrant community Connecting with Jesus and His family, Growing in relationship with Him, Serving others, Reaching people with His good news, and Worshiping together in the joy of His grace.

We Believe:

Because of our visibility in the community, you may have heard of North Way Church. Perhaps you’ve heard that we’re growing, or someone has told you that we’re an ‘interdenominational’ church (more on this below), or you met someone that sure seemed excited about being a part of North Way. Whatever you’ve heard, we welcome you to discover our clear focus and mission as a church.

First and foremost, North Way is centered on Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is our Savior and our Lord. We are reconciled to a loving God through Jesus, and we believe that we are to follow God as the leader of our lives by living out our faith in practical ways every day. We believe Jesus is the foundation for an authentic relationship with God.

Second, we hold to scripture as God’s inspired word, respecting it as the unchanging plumb-line of our faith. We strongly adhere to the historic Christian faith as taught in scripture.

For our 23-year history, we have focused on following Jesus, placing our full confidence in Him, with the Bible as our guidebook. Jesus taught his followers about the joy of life when we are authentically following Him.

We believe that God gives every believer purposes to live by, and to live in community as part of God’s larger family: His church.