Northwestern Lehigh School District

6493 Route 309

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to engage students, employees and the community in a partnership to achieve excellence through learning.


The first settlers came to this area around 1730. These immigrants came mainly from the Rhine River Valley and its tributaries in Germany. They settled from the Lehigh River to the Schuylkill River, a ridge and valley region known as the Gravel, named after the composition of the soil. Since they had come from a beautiful part of Germany, these immigrants sought a place of similar conditions with forests, soils, stone, and above all, rivulets of pure drinking water. This area of Lehigh County was the place that seemed to them most like home because the contour, landscape, and nature of the region was so similar to the scenic land from which they had come. The original settlers and their children encouraged their descendants to remain here, grow and prosper, and build here for future generations. They established themselves as farmers, thus making this area one of the most important farming areas in the country. The district as been predominantly a successful agricultural area with conservative industrious people who are proud of their heritage, their homes, their schools, their churches, and their soil. Pride in agriculture achievement and reluctance to alter nature in the area is witnessed today by the conspicuous lack of industry.