Northwood High School

8830 Highway 1

Mission Statement:

Northwood High School is dedicated to a cooperative effort between the school, family and community to provide a safe and productive learning environment, which promotes intellectual, social, physical and emotional development in order to produce responsible, effective members of society.


We believe that the most important part of education is the student.

We believe that each student should be treated as an individual
and allowed to develop as such.

We believe that in order to provide a quality education to each student the academic program must incorporate current technological advances.

We believe that the academic program should change with the current trends of our profession.

We believe that teachers should not only be supportive of the students in their classes, but students of Northwood as a whole.

We believe that teachers, as professionals, should be able to address all learning styles with their classroom instruction.

We believe that education does not lie solely in textbooks, but also in real life situations.

We believe that teachers must lead by example as well as command.

We believe that by educating students in a democratic atmosphere, students learn decision making skills which will make them effective in their career and community.

We believe that in order to maintain a free and just society, the education of the children must continue to be one of the primary goals of that society.