Norwalk Community Health Center Market

120 Connecticut Avenue


Mary Ann Daily

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
I came last Monday June 4th, 2018 and I arrived 15 minutes before 3:00 PM finally spoke to the front desk stuff. I showed the lady my phone - text of my confirmation and the address that said Norwalk Community Health Center..... it is clear as crystal clear that I am in the right address and building BUT the lady who attended me said to me LOUD and CLEAR that I do not have appointment also that I am in a wrong address. She even said they are not link to the Norwalk Community Health Center.... I keep asking again and again to double check and she keep saying not the right address.... she sent me to another address which 15 minutes away from where I was. The address she sent me cleared it to me that I was in the right address from the first place. I fought for me to get back and get the schedule that day BUT unfortunately they have the power and I don’t.... they reschedule for a little more than a week.... June 13, 2018 Wednesday..... then the week came, ( I rescheduled my other work just to get this done) they called me today June 12, 2018 Tuesday and telling me they have to cancel my appointment for tomorrow. Frustrating .... sad, ... how lousy the system, management, the service that they offer. I work 16 hrs a day, try to get all job available to support my family on my own ( as I am the only sole breadwinner of my family ) without depending on governments money as possible but most people who see how I work hard and struggling on my own suggested me to seek help from Norwalk Community Health Center.... which I am doing BUT yet these people/ stuffs will be the one to help me to get even worst to survive in this world. Hope there will be a person who can change the lousy system they got in that Norwalk Community Health Center. Extremely poor as poor.

Reinjel Martinez

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017
Just to get labs done, it takes a whole hour for the lab nurse to take her break one day. That’s understandable but the next day, I come back in because I couldn’t get my labs done due to some issue with the order before, she takes an hour and 15 mins to get back in and another 20 minutes to prepare. So it was overall 1 hr and 35 minutes I had to wait to see her. Mind you the first time I came, her hour break took 20 minutes for her to get adjusted and prepare without letting her patients know about that 20 minutes. She never said that when she came back in. I have other appointments in the day. Plus this lab nurse had other patients to see who also waited patiently with me but were definitely unhappy. Also she couldn’t even have her name tag printer working so she had to hand write everything for each vial. I did not feel confident getting blood work from this lady. She was chatting and taking her time with another nurse I do not know was in there for. I’ve noticed that she takes her time talking on the phone in front of a patient. Talk about one-on-one patient care.

Star Lady

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
Who is in charge of the operator (s) service who answers the phones on the predominant 'After Hour's. Experiencing RUDENESS when you eventually get through to the answering service. If they don't want to work, then move over for people who will do a good job. When you call a company and the person who answers the phone shows no professionalism, no empathy, no pleasant experience it is BAD. I will choose a more professional healthcare company.

Naizar Mohamed

Friday, April 27, 2018
Bad Customer service and representatives are so rude. When ever makes appointment they give 45 days later.

Yadira Gutierrez

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
I cannot stand this place. I get annoyed when I drive by here. They need new management so they can fire all the rude people out from there.

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