Nucla Junior/Senior High School

225 West 4th Street

District Mission Statement
The mission of the West End Public Schools is to assist students in a safe environment, develop self-discipline and an attitude of learning by teaching them the academic, physical, and social skills necessary to be successful contributors to a free society

About us:

Nucla Junior/Senior High School has a rich history of providing a quality education to its students. As part of its mission of providing comprehensive services to its students, Nucla Junior/Senior High School has a counselor. The counselor provides services to students, staff, families, and members of the community.

The major goals of the school counselor are to help students achieve their academic, personal, and social goals. Academic, career and personal counseling are available. The counselor promotes school success through individual empowerment and personal accountability.

We want every student to develop the necessary skills for effective learning both in school and throughout life. We expect that all students will complete their education at Nucla Junior/Senior High School with the academic preparation that is necessary to enter a variety of post-secondary options including college. (Throughout this website we use the term "college" as a general term for two-year colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and vocational schools unless otherwise noted.) We also want our students to develop the necessary skills to become healthy, productive members of society.

Students and their parents are encouraged to contact the counselor whenever they have concerns. The counselor wants to work closely with students and parents to remove roadblocks to the students' success.