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Oak Ridge Horse Show

Post Box 483

It was early 1945, when a group of Oak Ridge men, leisurely sitting around the old pot-belled stove at Linville's Store, came up with the idea of a community horse show. To answer the question of how to raise money for a new church, Charlie Oakley, a local resident, suggested a horse show, the proceeds of which should go to the Oak Ridge Methodist Church building fund. It didn't take long to hasten this idea and plans were begun for the first Oak Ridge Horse Show held on Easter Monday, April 22, 1946, with D. Lan Donnell as the first chairman.

The shows' sponsorship was given unique backing when the Methodist Church Superintendent, Dr. Lambeth, gave the event his blessings and promptly called it the “Consecrated Horse Show.” The entire proceeds of the first five shows went to the building fund of Oak Ridge Methodist Church .

The show first began largely with an eye on the proceeds and the two day long event still points to community needs and interests. Through the years, Oak Ridge Elementary School has received in excess of $200,000, with a substantial amount of this going to the building of the gymnasium. The summer recreation program, little league baseball, the Oak Ridge Youth Association, local scouts, and Northwest High and Middle School programs have received a great deal of financial support from this show through the years. A local high school senior is the recipient of the Oak Ridge Horse Show Scholarship Fund. The net proceeds of the show are shared equally between the Oak Ridge Fire Department, the Oak Ridge Ladies Fire Auxiliary, and the Oak Ridge Community Center .

The show has grown from an entry list of seventeen classes of draft and saddle horses, mules, ponies, and goat rigs to nearly 200 classes of hunters, quarter horses, draft horses, mules, donkeys, English, Western and driving.

This years' Annual Oak Ridge Horse Show will, as those of the past, be a manifestation of a fine community spirit which exhibits itself in all activities on the Ridge. In addition to the untiring work of the various local officials of the show and the local firemen, many others of this community and neighboring communities give invaluable aid and contribute their energy to this show. We thank you for your continuing good will and interest toward the Oak Ridge Horse Show and we look forward to seeing you!