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Olive Peirce Middle School

1521 Hanson Lane

Mission Statement:

Olive Peirce Middle School provides a caring, supportive, and respectful educational environment where learning is active, cooperative, personalized, and relevant to the continuing challenges of a global society.


  • Value #1 We believe in a safe and caring environment where we demonstrate pride in our campus and treat each other with dignity, honesty, kindness, and respect.

  • Value #2 We believe in the uniqueness and worth of every human being, recognizing individual needs and celebrating diversity.

  • Value #3 We believe in the triangular strength of a collaborative relationship among staff, students, and home.

  • Value #4 We believe that learning is a lifetime commitment for everyone. The love of and need for learning is at the heart of our school.

  • Value #5 We believe success is a result of ongoing exploration of creativity, risk and personal growth. We will support and encourage all to reach beyond the comforts of what is and to strive for what can be.